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Age: 22yr || Weight: 49kg || Height: 5'6" || Vitals: 32-28-30

Unbelievable jet-set model swati in lucknow

This vip model was over the moon when she showed an interest in joining indianmodels91-top modeling agency in lucknow. Confident amazing beauty with fresh face. Her long dark wavy hair and intense eyes is very feminine, with a smashing body come together as a reality. Ample shapely breasts accompanies large compassionate eyes and a warm smile. Oh yes, of course popular with best modeling agency in lucknow.

Creative, compassionate and charming model swati

The reason of her toned, tanned body is that she does a lot of her exercise in the healthy fresh air. Her love of nature has led her into the fashion and design world working with modeling agency in lucknow, which accounts for her excellent perfect style. She always looks elegant and casual during the meetings for modeling jobs in lucknow for freshers, who is sure to make good of her modeling dreams.

Swati, the best of lucknow models

Her mind does match her body in quality, which is exactly why she is the finest choice for modeling jobs in lucknow for females. Her marvelous figure matches her open-minded ability to connect with everyone for numerous fashion topics. Her knowledge of modeling, language and educating herself into the most important factor of modeling jobs in lucknow today. She also enjoys party and spending most of her free time at the gym or doing yoga or dancing until the early morning. Besides this she is the most accomplished and searched models in lucknow for photo shoot to add creative style to your product.

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